NotePerformer 3.3.2 Apple Silicon (beta) version now available

I just clocked on a Facebook thread that Wallander Instruments have added a NotePerformer 3.3.2 Apple Silicon installer to their download page. It is apparently not completely tested yet - so use at your own risk and report back any problems to Wallander - but for those of you working on M1/M2 machines it may be worth a try (and obviously do remember to tell Dorico 4 not to run under Rosetta 2).

Put your NotePerformer registered email address into the form at Wallander Instruments and you’ll get an email with the new download link.


I took the dive and can report that Dorico is running without problems on my M2 Mac natively with Noteperformer.


Yes, working well here. Is it just me, or do native processes seem to use slightly less CPU?

Everything just a little bit faster, too.

All my VSTs are native now. Hurrah.


That seems to be true for me as well.

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Microtonal playback is not supported thought. Hope it’s an easy fix (but an absolutely essential one)

So far as I know there’s nothing about the move from VST2 to VST3 that should prevent this from working, so it would definitely be worth talking to Arne about that to make sure he’s aware of it.

Hi Daniel, I have sent him an email already

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After a few email exchanges and some testing, Arne fixed the problem. You have to download again the installer.

This is simply premium/excellent tech support! Many thanks to Arne for this wonderful upgrade


So… if this now works on the M1/M2 chips, could NotePerformer now be ported to a version that will work with the iPad/Dorico? This would be amazing!


iPad uses a whole different Format (AUv3, I think), as opposed to VST on Desktop. Porting it therefore requires some more steps…


This is exciting. I just downloaded via the link and installed. I did turn off Rosetta mode. However, NP will not load and play. Am I missing a step? Do I need to uninstall old version first?


No, you should find that it “just works”. Can you verify that you have NotePerformer.vst3 in /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST3?

I am with a very red face Daniel, there are two beta downloads, the Intel version and the Mac Silicon version. I realized I downloaded the wrong one and now I downloaded the correct one and it works fine!
I’ll go crawl into a hole somewhere now…


But this kind of little cautionary tale can be quite helpful to others of us reading! :slightly_smiling_face:


Works here, too. Many thanks to Leo for the notice!
Just curious. I’ve an Intel machine and an M1. Does anyone know if Arne has changed anything else in this update besides making it Silicon-compatible, IOW, is there any reason to update the Intel version?

It’s exactly the same version number as before: 3.3.2. Assuming your Intel machine is already running 3.3.2 there’s no point reinstalling on that machine again.

Arne says the new Apple-Silicon build is now VST3; but that doesn’t seem to be the case for the MacIntel or Win architectures.

However, the AS build is a UNIVERSAL BINARY – meaning it also contains Intel code.
So you could probably install the AS build on an Intel Mac, if VST3 was important to you.

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That’s correct. Our Apple Silicon version is an Apple Silicon/Intel 64-bit universal binary.

Since Dorico was never a 32-bit program, our Apple Silicon version is also compatible with all Intel Macs running Dorico. It uses VST3 to integrate. With that being said, there is no practical difference between using VST3 or VST2 in the case of NotePerformer. It’s the same code being run and there is no benefit to updating at this point for Intel Mac users. There may be bugs in the Apple Silicon version that are yet to be discovered.

The Apple Silicon/Intel 64-bit version is not compatible with Sibelius 6 or Finale 2014.5, and no OS X versions before 10.9.


I’ve installed the Silicon beta on my Mac Studio. NP loads and works, but there’s an audible clicking when I mouse-click notes already entered in a project or type in new ones. Anyone else hearing that?

I’ve not experienced anything like that. It might be worth reviewing your settings in Edit > Device Setup.