NotePerformer 3.3 Dorico 3.5 Pro/SE - vocals not rendered as expected

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I installed NP and assigned it as default playback template.
Attached is an example (Dorico 3.5 SE + rendered sound) illustrating the problem.
I removed all BBCSO templates as suggested by Wallander support - although I do not see the connection - to no avail.

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minimal test - BBCSO play templates deleted.dorico (386.0 KB)

Hi, atudor.

I am unsure how the playback of the short vocal example is not as expected. I get the same sound(s) when I input the same few notes in a new project and assign them to the alto singing voice in NotePerformer. Human voices are undoubtedly not a strong point of NP but please be more specific about what differences you expect and I anticipate somebody can then provide more constructive feedback.

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I imagine that Arne is suggesting removing any BBCSO templates from the project as they may otherwise clash with NP because of the way that NP allocates channels among other things. He certainly wouldn’t suggest that they should be uninstalled if that’s what you mean here (perhaps not). Using NP for vocals is a complete waste of time, anyway – even the bundled Olympus micro choir is better if you don’t want to spend any money. As @Mike_999 says, give us more detail and perhaps we can then advise further.

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Sorry for the intrusion, but does this mean that noteperformer collides with the BBCSO templates?
I am about to buy it I’d like to avoid problems …

Thank you all for the quick replies!

Indeed, @Mike_999, was correct. At first, I thought that I was doing something wrong.
Now, I also have official confirmation from Wallander that the sound is NP soprano indeed. Support also informed me that vocal modeling is expected to improve in the next installment.

@Fabrizio_Amapane, One cannot mix templates, but VSTs are just fine. BBCSO & NP are OK together; however, a single playback template can be in effect at a time.

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If you use Noteperformer, it’s really designed to use its own template. So life is easiest if you use that but then add other instruments individually if needs be. NP is designed to always be the primary playback library and indeed doesn’t make much sense otherwise in general.

It will be interesting to see what comes in NP4 after such a long time – nearly a decade, I think, since the last version. Certainly NP3 is a noticeable improvement on NP 1 and the time gap is far longer this time. The main thing is to improve the realism of the strings although even they work in certain situations.