NotePerformer 3 not loading in Dorico 2

Hello, I recently upgraded my NotePerformer to 3.3.2 (up from NotePerformer 2). However, it now fails to run when I start Dorico Pro 2. Noteperformer does not show up as an option when I try to change the playback template.

However, the odd thing is, when I open up some of my old projects, Noteperformer loads and works just fine. Noteperformer doesn’t show up on the playback templates, but the VST instruments load (including the initial loading screen where the mixer with all the instruments is displayed) and sound is produced when I click on the notes in Write Mode. This only applies to some projects and not others, and seems to be very random.

Would appreciate some advice on this; thank you!

So it kind of works and kind of does not. Strange case, I’ve never heard of.
Maybe it’s the combination of Dorico 2 and Noteperformer 3.3.
Please also get in touch with the makers of Noteperformer and see what they have to say about this case.
Have you tried reinstalling NotePerformer? Because you said that the playback template does not appear.
Also, could you please send me a project file where it does not work? Please send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Thanks

Hi Ulf, yes I have tried re-installing NotePerformer.

Edit: After reinstalling a patch for Dorico 3 which enabled Noteperformer to work there NotePerformer now works for most of my files, although Noteperformer is still not available as an option on the playback template.

Sure, I can send a sample project!