NotePerformer 3 playback issue

Hi, Dorico Team and fellow Doricians!

I’ve been experiencing playback issues with one specific project, a violin and piano sonata. This was imported in an .xml file from Sibelius (it’s an older piece and I’ve revising it on Dorico, of course!) The violin plays back the wrong playing techniques (i.e. non-legato for legato, arco for pizz, ordinario for natural harmonics, etc.) I’ve already troubleshooted through NotePerformer 3, reset the factory defaults of the playback templates, updated the NotePerformer expression map to v. 12, changed to silent mode and back to NotePerformer, but nothing works.

Also, I’ve checked and this problem does not occur in other scores I have… So, I don’t know what’s causing it and how to fix it. I’d appreciate some help.


You need to provide the project itself, Rodrigo, together with information about where exactly the playback starts to go wrong. Then we should be able to figure it out.

Hi, Daniel! Thanks :slight_smile: Actually, I just updated my Dorico to 2.2.1 and that seems to have fixed it. I literally just opened it and it worked just fine. Sorry for the trouble!

OK, great. There are some fixes in the handling of playing techniques in 2.2.10 that may well sort out this kind of problem.

I have a slightly different problem in that the NotePerformer window opens then it just disappears? If I go to preferences it still says that NotePerformer is playing back the file but, but I don’t get the open app?

It could be that the NotePerformer window is ending up behind the Dorico project window. Try moving the Dorico window out of the way or minimising it: the NotePerformer window should still be there. If you find that it isn’t, you can re-open it again by clicking the ‘e’ button in the right-hand VST Instruments panel in Play mode.

It is definitely not there so will give ‘e’ button a go latter. Thanks

Yes that has worked. Thank you once again.