Noteperformer 4 Default Legato (Strings, Woodwinds, ets.)

Hey Guys,

First of all this has been an amazing month for Dorico And Noteperformer Users as the new Noteperformer is so amazing with its’s new playback engine. I myself have been using the BBCSO Pro for quite some time and am so happy that it can be integrate into my Dorico playback instead of having to make a Mock-up in Cubase. So my question is how can i make the default notes (Mostly Strings) be played as legato without having to put in the Slurs. Which for notating strings its ab obsolete thing as it would mean playing on the same bow direction. Is there a way to tweak the settings either in Dorico or NP for that?


Use a legato playing technique (which you can hide if necessary)?

Thanks for the reply @Janus, but how do i use the legato technique?

Select the passage you want, then shift-p legato

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How does one then undo the legato later? Will nat. or ord. acoomplish it.?

If you make the selection first, the playing technique is (now) only applied to that selection. (This is one of my gripes. Something that was introduced to make things easier for playback causes problems for engravers)


Great Thanks a lot @Janus :pray:t2::musical_note: