Noteperformer 4 engine + Orchestral Tools Berklee Vs The free OT template?


So I have noteperformer 3, but I stopped using it after getting Orchestral Tools Berklee and downloaded the available free template that is available for Dorico.

However, now with Noteperformer 4 and it’s new engine that can work with Orchestral tools Berklee, I’m wondering if it’s worth in investing in that engine for the cost of 69 dollars ? Compared to using the free template ?

Has anyone here tried both - using Noteperformer 4 with OT and also using the template who can actually tell what gave best results, and if the engine is worth the extra buck ?

Worth noting is that I don’t work much in a DAW, I would love to only have to work within the notation software and if the new engine can deliver even better and almost DAW identical results then I might consider it.

As for now, the only thing that I felt that the OT template was missing was the organic flow that Noteperformer has, even if OT has better sound quality noteperformer 3 gave a much realistic and flowing sound, if this new Engine can combine the realistic flow of noteperfomer together with the sound quality of Orchestral Tools then it’s a perfect match I would say.

Would be great to hear from someone who’s tried using the new engine who can tell their experience and results, who can help me to determine if it’s worth the extra cost!


Upgrade to NP 4 for free (the NP sounds alone will continue to sound the same if no NPPE is used), download the NPPE for OT Berkeley and using it in trial mode for up to an hour each time, try it out and see what you think. I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised.

If you already own the VST, you can try out the free demo version of the NP4 engine for OT and decide for yourself.

So the thing is that, I currently only have 16 GB ram so the only way for me to actually manage to try the engine is to upgrade my ram to 32/or 64 (since it’s so RAM demanding), I’d say it would be worth the RAM upgrade if it actually makes a big difference and the effect that I am looking after (especially since upgrading the ram is not too expensive), but of course before I invest in upgrading the RAM then It would be nice to know in advance and hear others opinion what they thought of it etc.

Have you tried it ?

I don’t have OT Berkely myself but think you should be able to try out NPPE just fine if you mute the playback of certain instruments in NPPE (which is easy to do on the NPPE interface). Then, the “muted” instruments will still play back with “regular” NotePerformer sounds while the remainder play back with OT Berkeley through NPPE. This should be workable enough to let you know whether you are interested in paying for the NPPE app or possibly both that and extra ram. It should be easy and risk-free to try out and see what you think afterwards. Depending on the instrumentation of the files you work with, you may even find your current ram is more capable than you anticipate.

EDIT: You also wonder “if it actually makes a big difference” and the clear answer for me is “absolutely” if you use Dorico with music that employs the orchestral instruments included in the libraries for which NPPE templates are presently available. The"NotePerformer 4 Released" topic on this forum is pushing 750 individual posts over the past 14 days and this gives some impression of the impact large numbers of users put on this release.

I’d definitely say : try it on the string section only. It’s where the biggest difference is made, and it’s not that demanding on the RAM. Feel the difference by yourself, as anyone else is suggesting, and you’ll see whether it’s worth it (although I have no doubt about it!)