NotePerformer 4 Released

It’s out!


It looks like NotePerformer 4 just dropped, with the ability to control other sample libraries.

Just wow! VSL and NotePerformer all in the same software? I’ll no longer make mockups in a DAW, I guess!!

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I’ve glanced through user guide and version history.
So, unless I want to spend hundreds of dollars for one of these libraries, the Big Update has nothing new for me…?


It looks that’s the case.
By the way, is there an option to export the “cooked” MIDI by NotePerformer? I know the MIDI will not be the same inasmuch NotePerformer also post-processes the audio, but it could be interesting to make some fine-editing that couldn’t be done in Dorico.

Just wondering, do I need to uninstall NotePerformer 3 to install NotePerformer 4 or they can co-exist? I did not find a note about this on NP website.

No, you can’t get the MIDI that NotePerformer uses internally.

Wow, that’s a real bummer. I mean, I’m happy for all those folks that already own those libraries, honestly! But after all this hype, “revolutionary” and all, it really would have been nice to include us “normal” guys, too. The triangle still sounds terrible and I can’t do anything about it. Same thing with saxophones. And snare drums. And…
But hey, now I can spend some hundred dollars to buy another sample library…


I think it overwrites NP3. But works exactly the same unless you want to use hi end sample libraries. You won’t notice any difference otherwise.


On a quick comparison, there may be some subtle changes to the mix, notwithstanding any local changes I’ve made here. But otherwise it’s pretty similar.

I’ not convinced I understand the new Playback Engine feature. So NP essentially hands over some instruments to other libraries? Before or after doing any ‘magic’? I suppose if it’s taking care of mixing and balance, then that’s something.

Incidentally, the manual says that there’s “no mapping” in Dorico for falls, plops, doits and scoops, but they appear to work.

I think with the new Playback Engine feature, Note Performer works like a “driver” between the MIDI output of the host application (Dorico) and the VST instrument libraries. NP sits in between, analyzes the MIDI data flow and applies its magic of interpreting the music. Then it triggers the necessary notes/articulations/CC-values on the VST instrument.

It looks there’s some post-processing. On the website they indicate that they have mutes for libraries that don’t have any. Without the MIDI output, we would have to do it everything beforehand, and then just do the postprocessing of the audio. I guess it’s “doable” , and it’d be even more interesting with MTC integration between host and Dorico and multichannel audio routing, which I don’t think is possible.

No support for VSL’s Synchronized SE. What a disappointment. And hard to understand. :cry:

The didn’t even include the native library from Dorico, Halion…

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That might only be a temporary situation - they initially added support for a very large number of libraries. It couldn’t have been easy getting them all properly balanced across all articulations etc. I’m sure they can add more later.


This is quite the statement…

You no longer need targeted Sound Sets, Expression Maps, or Human Playback Rules.

I’m intrigued to see this in action, particularly when it comes to mixing different libraries. I’ve got s few of these libraries - whether I’ve got the power to make it work as it should remains to be seen.

I hope we hear from Arne. Is NP4 all about integration with top end libraries or has work also been done with improving NP on its own?

It has been to install NP4 and start to fail Dorico. It starts fine (although a bit slower than usual), but when opening a file or creating a new project Dorico closes without actually opening or creating anything (in the case of opening a document it reaches 92%, gets stuck and closes ).
I’ve tried uninstalling NP4 and going back to NP3, as well as uninstalling NP completely, and Dorico still fails. Any way to fix it? Thank you.

The release notes only mentions “many minor corrections and optimizations”.

Make sure you kill the VST Audio Engine process before restarting Dorico. NP4 works fine here.

Arne elaborated somewhat here: NotePerformer 4 Expectations or Wishes | Page 19 | VI-CONTROL

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I hate to say it, but… this a is a huge disappointment.