NotePerformer and single-line staff to play just one orchestral perc. instr

I’m using Dorico with Noteperformer while composing.

So, there is a nice ‘windchime’ sound in the NP Orchestral Percussion sound bank that exist up at C8-C#8 on the keyboard.
I’d like to use a one-line staff to note some ‘windchime’ sounds (and to hear back while I’m composing/mocking up the score).

  • I guess that I should be trying to re-map and set a new Instrument Definition in ‘Setup’ mode?
  • if I try that, I’m unable to choose any ‘Ranges’ in that Setup/Defintion window for my new one-staff instrument that is using the NP Orchestral Percussion map
  • is there a way to limit this new sound to just play a 2 note range in order to get C8-C#8 to play?

Am I overlooking something? (…most likely!) Thanks all.

Hi @cmillar You don’t need to remap. It is all contained in the NP percussion map. If you open it (menu Library/Percussion Maps… → NP Orchestral Percussion, you see that the two sounds are already mapped to two instruments of Dorico:

the Bar Chimes of NP (on C8) is the Mark tree in Dorico
the Bell tree in NP (on C#8) is the Bell tree in Dorico

You just need to load the correct desired instrument/s in Setup Mode, and the NP Percussion map will take care of mapping the written notes of that one line instrument to the correct NP sound (and his pitch/midi note).

Just be sure that you use the NP Orchestral percussion map for that channel, or to be sure, reapply the Note Performer Playback Template in your project.

mark tree and bell tree.dorico (443.9 KB)

Ahh! Brilliant thanks. Learn something new every day!

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You are welcome. Glad it helped :slight_smile:

Perfect!..this is the ‘missing link’ for me. I haven’t mocked up orchestral percussion with NotePerformer despite owning it for many years. I’ve just played in the percussion with various sample libraries into the DAW when finalizing the mixes. This is a new ‘lease on life’!