Noteperformer and VDL

I am working on a marching band show and I have started with the VDL Template file. I need to add the winds and brass with Noteperfomer, but I am having trouble getting this up and running from the VDL template. Do I have to manually set up each instrument or is there a way to get the instruments to set up with Noteperformer automatically just by selecting them from setup mode, like I usually do without VDL? What is most efficient way to add the winds and brass to the VDL template?

Thanks for your help!

I’m not sure this is a universal solution, but as NP seems to enjoy life the most on it’s own, here’s what I’ve done in a similar case…:

First, make a new project with ONLY your VDL setup. (this may or may not be necessary, but I’ve had best results doing it that way)
In the endpoint setup click SAVE ENDPOINT CONFIGURATION and name it something meaningful

Now, load your complete score and click Play/Playback Template, then NEW. Load your VDL endpoint config (manual) THEN load NotePerformer (automatic).
(In other words, your VDL endpoint config should be the top listing)

As you add instruments to this score, NotePerformer should now only load and configure itself for the instruments that are NOT part of your VDL configuration.
(there are also overrides on both the family and instrument level, but that shouldn’t be necessary in this situation…)