NotePerformer bowed glockenspiel: Playing wrong pitch?

Hi friends! The bowed glockenspiel in NotePerformer seems to be playing the wrong pitch. Not out of tune, it’s simply the wrong pitch. Would anyone mind checking your bowed glock in NotePerformer and see if it’s affecting you too? Thanks to everyone on this forum! Y’all are the best!

I understand NotePerformer includes a bowed glockenspiel among its instruments but I am unclear how one might load it into Dorico when there is only one glockenspiel instrument and that uses mallets. However, I assume the pitch of a vibrating metal block remains unaffected by whether the vibration is induced by striking or bowing it, so I tried a very small sample project with piano and glockenspiel using NotePerformer for both, and each played back at the same pitch. If you are comparing the pitch of the NotePerformer glockenspiel with another instrument that is not in the same Dorico project, I wonder if the problem might be with the sample rate chosen in Dorico —> Edit —> Device Setup —> Sample Rate.

Hi, not what you are asking for but if you write for bowed glockenspiel, I’m not sure it’s possible on all models. Like this common Musser one:



Something like this would work.

Hi! To load the bowed glock sound, you have to open the NotePerformer mixer window and select the bowed version of the glockenspiel from the instrument’s drop-down menu.

Hi Jesele! The conductor has a glockenspiel that he is able to bow. I just need to see if the NotePerformer bowed pitches are incorrect for everyone, or just me. Thanks!

I have just compared the pitches of the normal and bowed glockenspiel of NotePerformer, and they sound the same to me.

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