NotePerformer: Change "aah" to "ooh" in Choir Playback?

Just as the title says: is there a way to get “ooh” sounds instead of “aah” sounds from the choir in NotePerformer?

  1. In the right hand column on the screen in “Play” mode, click on the “e” of the relevant NotePerformer instance to bring up the NP mixer.
  2. In the mixer, click on the choir voice you wish to change to bring up a list of available override sounds, including "ah"s and "oh"s for each category of choir or solo voice. Highlight your preferred choice.
  3. Repeat the process for each voice you wish to change.

Thanks. For some reason, nothing pops up when I click the “e” to “Edit Player.” Any idea?

It may be hiding behind Dorico.

Yes, the window can easily get covered by the main window, and in that case clicking the “e” closes it, invisibly. Another click reopens it in front.

I see that others have already responded to your question. I have read those responses and agree with them. If the “e” we are talking about is highlighted but the NotePerformer mixer isn’t visible, this indicates the NP mixer is behind the main Dorico screen. In that case, clicking the “e” a second time should close the mixer window and clicking it an additional, third, time should then open it on top of the main Dorico window, finally making the NP mixer visible.


Thanks, the window definitely wasn’t hidden though. I had to uninstall and re-install the newest version of NP, which now has a player called NotePerformer64, and that seems to work fine).