Noteperformer Continuous Glissando for strings?

I see that glissando is executed chromatically when using noteperformer. Is this expected behaviour?

Yes, at least for now. In Sibelius, NotePerformer plays continuous glissandos, but in Dorico they are chromatic.

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Ah, that’s what threw me off. I could have sworn glissandos were continuous.

Search the forum for info about this topic. It is a very frequently requested feature (especially by me!) but not yet implemented in Dorico. I hear it will be a long time coming (although Dorico updates are always full of delightful surprises).


I did search, and I did find! But the last relevant thread was from about a year back. I don’t know how it’s supposed to work in this corner of the forum, but I opted to create a new thread instead of reviving the old one.

Let’s hope we see this implemented soon. ish. (I could even draw pitch bend for now, but the editor lane is so tough to work with.)

What usually happens is a user will ask in an old thread some years later, and the answer always comes back No, that hasn’t been done yet – because they announce the new features and improvements quite prominently. Every week there are questions about Has it happened yet, and the lesson is: If it had, you would probably already know about it.


What I didn’t know (and thought to ask anew), is whether this is Noteperformer’s job, or Dorico’s job. But when @Stephen_Taylor answered about Sibelius (which I’ve stopped using now), the memory came to me that Sibelius could do it, so it’s Dorico’s job after all.

Sorry for stirring up old news! I can’t keep up with all news at once! :pray:t3: