NotePerformer - Ghost Instruments

Perhaps this has been discussed and I just can’t find it.

Using Noteperformer, if I set up an instrument and then delete it - it stays in the mixer.

In the attached example, I created 2 piccolos and then deleted one. I’ve tried various methods to remove the second “ghost” piccolo from the mixer - but nothing works.

Am I missing something - or is this a known issue that will be fixed some time in the future?

Have you tried setting Playback Template to silence, then back to NP?

Click reset in the mixer.
“If you remove staves from the score, you can click Reset in the
upper-left corner to clear lingering instruments from the mixer.”

Dan, you don’t need to set the template to something else and then back to NP. Just select NP again.

Didn’t know that - thanks!

For context, here’s an example to show why things work this way:

  • You switch to a playback template (eg the default HSO+HSSE). Dorico loads all the sounds for the instruments in the score
  • In the VST plugin you change one of the loaded patches, eg you change the default guitar to a distortion guitar
  • You now delete some players from the score

If Dorico had squashed the gaps by reallocating patches for all instruments then it would have overwritten your override of the guitar patch. Hence why Dorico will only load patches into the next available channel and you get these gaps for instruments that may no longer be used. If you re-apply the playback template, effectively this gives Dorico permission to overwrite the patches that were loaded. The main thing is that we don’t want to destroy changes that users have set up.

Thanks Rob - that worked.

Paul -
Thanks for reply. If I’m following you, then the overrides are linked to the channel - not the instrument. I’m guessing that there’s no way to instruct Dorico to link the override to the instrument? Correct?

BTW - I’m impressed that you remembered our discussion about the distortion effect on the guitar :sunglasses:

Yes, I suppose. There isn’t any way at the moment for the instrument to remember that you’ve chosen an override (in fact there’s no way really for Dorico to know what you have chosen inside the plugin).

BTW - I’m impressed that you remembered our discussion about the distortion effect on the guitar > :sunglasses:

I hadn’t done - that’s just happy coincidence!