Noteperformer hanging notes on Dorico 4.3

I’ve recently upgraded to an M1 Pro MacBook and have installed the latest M1-compatible Noteperformer. Now every time I stop playing it seems like there is no note-off message sent to Noteperformer and the notes just keep playing until I begin playing again.
Anyone else experience this? Solutions?

This is not something I’ve seen reported before, and nor is it something I’ve experienced myself. Does the problem occur in all projects, or just in one specific one? If you start a new project with e.g. just a piano and add a few notes, does the problem persist there?

Hi Daniel,
I’ve started a new project with a couple of notes on trombone and this is still happening. I’m on macOS Ventura 13.1, Dorico, Noteperformer

Very weird. Can you export an audio file of what you’re hearing? If so, please attach that here, together with the project.

Well since my last message I dug a little further in the forum and then realised that the “reset controllers and send ‘all notes off’ when stopping playback” setting was unchecked. I checked it and this solved the problem. Very strange as I don’t remember ever touching that setting, but finally all good now. Thanks!

Great, I’m glad you were able to resolve this. I will try to file this away in my memory banks in case somebody else encounters this in future!

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