NotePerformer in Dorico

I am currently experiencing some playback issues when I select Note Performer as my playback template it seems to just cut out the audio all together and I can’t hear anything. I have tried restarting both programs simultaneously multiple times but nothing seems to fix the issue. I could use some assistance as I would like to use note performer with Dorico. Thanks.

Hi @Chris_trumpet, welcome to the forum.

Very many users have NotePerformer in Dorico and in general it works very well. To find out on your case, please first click in Dorico the menu item Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Looking at that we can give further advice. Thanks

If you are using Dorico 4 on a M1 Mac, Dorico is native to the Apple silicon. Note Performer is NOT native to Apple Silicon. I have no clue why, but to run any sound library, both Dorico and the library have to be native to Apple Silicon, or they both have to run in Rosetta mode.

Are you using D4 on an M1 Mac?


The latest installer email for NotePerformer has 3 installs, one for Mac Intel, another for Mac Silicon (both say Universal, so not sure why there are the two listings) and Windows.

Sometimes I have to go to Prefs > Play and apply another Playback template (or choose Silence) then apply NotePerformer again.
Also I have to check (Mac) my Audio device > Device Control panel for some reason sometimes something turns off my output, so I have to check it again. (I see the levels in the mixer working, but no sound.)

Dorico (2.6 MB)
Here is the report.

No, I am using a windows device.

I have tried switching the playbacks in the template, checking the device control panel, and restarting my output. I am not even able to view the mixer because it doesn’t open when I click the button for it. However my volume dial on my pc doesn’t show any volume being displayed at all.

NotePerfromer is also Native (download the latest update)

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Hi @Chris_trumpet , thanks for the diagnostics.
Something is wrong with you NotePerformer installation.
Dorico does somehow recognize it but it behaves differently than expected and can’t be loaded.
The audio engine keeps a list of known plug-ins and with me that list shows the version number of NotePerformer and more , but in your list all this extra information is missing.

Please open a Command window (press the Windows key and then type cmd and enter; a small black window appears) and copy 'n paste the following line:
"C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Dorico4\VSTAudioEngine\Components\vst2xscanner.exe" -p "C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST2\NotePerformer64.dll"

Copy and paste everything in bold and press enter. That what then gets printed out please copy and paste into reply here. Thanks

P.S.: And you are still on Dorico 4.2; you know that there is a free update to 4.3 available for you?

I have been checking the Noteperformer website weekly, and I have failed to notice this. Downloaded and now using!

Thank you!