NotePerformer is not loading

And Halion is not working either. I have restarted Dorico and my PC to no avail.

I tried to attach a diagnostic Zip file, but it says it is too large.

And I have tried to load the NotePerformer playback template.

Please send the diagnostics to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. Thanks

I sent it about 10 mins ago

I will take a look in about one hour

Thanks, Ulf!!

Thanks for the data @sttrumpet .

First of all, according to the logs HALion Sonic SE does work normal. Can you please be more specific about what is not working in regards to HALion Sonic SE with you?

Second, NotePerformer is not blacklisted with you, the search path is set correctly, but still the audio engine does not pick it up as if it is not there. Please check, does the file C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST2\NotePerformer64.dll exist on your PC?

I checked and it does not exist. I then opened up another Dorico file that the audio worked fine with NotePerformer and while it was loading, a box popped up and said that the playback template does not exist.

Did you do something actively, did you move NotePerformer or uninstall it?
Could it be you uninstalled or moved it by accident.
I would try to reinstall NotePerformer completely and see how it then goes.

Re-downloaded NotePerformer and installed it & now everything works! I must have accidentally deleted it when I was trying to delete Photoscore.

Thanks again Ulf!!