Noteperformer latency

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I’m still a Sibelius user, waiting to switch to Dorico as soon as I get a chance later this year (will first run the 30 days trial)

I have a question for Noteperformer users:

I remember one problem that Noteperformer had with Sibelius, which is that it added almost a second of latency to the playback, which unfortunately made it unusable when working to picture (inside Sibelius) because playback never matched the actual timecode.

Is it still the case for version 3 with Dorico ?

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

And congratulation for your brilliant work, I can’t wait to start learning Dorico.

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Welcome - you’ll be impressed with Dorico Pro 2. No; no latency.

Thanks Mark!
Wow so they managed to completely get rid of the latency? that’s amazing! I’m wondering how they did that :slight_smile:

As far as I know this second is needed for NotePerformer to calculate the appropriate playback. To read in advance what is written in notes.

From the homepage of NotePerfomer:

We want you to know that…
NotePerformer adds a one-second delay to playback.
This is the secret to how we’re able to analyse the musical context of your score.
But it also means that you can’t use ReWire technology with NotePerformer.
And no live tempo recording with your MIDI keyboard while NotePerformer is selected for playback.

But thanks God both apps can be tested before and together :slight_smile:

Dorico 2 DOES have a one second delay, but only with NotePerformer.

I think the OP wants to know if the video and the audio, played through NotePerformer, are in sync or it there is that one second delay that’s messing around… In other words: is the delay needed for NotePerformer added to the video stream? Are the buffers equal (as time is concerned)

Hi, now I’m a bit confused, I’ll try and reformulate my question hoping it’s clearer:

When using Sibelius with Noteperformer (I’m talking about older versions, not the current one) there was this added second of delay, by that I mean that the same score played with the internal Sibelius sounds, or with a general midi soundset, was perfectly accurate in timing (so if I scored a note that had to hit a specific timecode, that was precise and working perfectly) while with Noteperformer the same score was playing “shifted” of this added second, thus being “out of time” relative to the timecode position.

My question was: has this limitation somehow been fixed or overcome by the combination of the newer version of Noteperfomer together with Dorico 2 ?

Thanks a lot for your help

The one-second delay is unavoidable, since that’s fundamentally how NotePerformer works. But you will find that the timecode, the playhead and the playback are all in sync when playing back with NotePerformer in Dorico 2. Try it for yourself to see.

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Thanks Daniel for your input here. It’s not surprising that you made it work with all those refinements !

I’m finding this delay very distracting for actual composing, as I get faster at entering notes.

I assume the only way to get around it (without muting) is to switch to a different playback template during note entry? Then back to Note Performer for playback?

The only thing I wish is that NotePerformer would receive an instant kill signal when you stop playback. Having it go on for another second is what stood out most about the delay for me.

I’m hoping that for your eventual real-time MIDI record that you’ll have some sort of Note Performer real-time entry mode that temporarily gets rid of the 1 s delay and allows the sounds to play in time (but without expression) for the purposes of hearing one’s input (since playback expression will be governed purely by NotePerforner’s interpretation of the notated symbols when ultimately played back later anyway). Curious, at any rate, if this would be possible…

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We’ve fixed this latency for note input with Note Performer. We’re aware of the note general issue for real-time input and we’re in conversation with Arne about finding a solution for it.

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Thanks - all promising developments.

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I’m scoring a film now with Noteperformer, a few other Kontakt, Play and Engine VST’s along to video and outside of a few random video issues (which I think we have a temporary user fix for now thanks to Ulf) am experiencing no issues with playback latency… it just works beautifully. :slight_smile:

As far as I’m aware, NotePerformer only gets MIDI note on and note off, and program changes. From that it has to tell if notes are slurred, staccato etc. So it has to measure the time between MIDI events and deduce what is in the score from there.

maybe time for notation software vendors to sort out a new standard so that all the articulation information can be explicitly passed to the rendering engines. Maybe that’s what VST3 is supposed to be.