NotePerformer lost

First, it’s really great to have NotePerformer “on board” - main reason for falling back to Sibelius is now gone.
NotePerformer gives good results, even if it is still beta for Dorico, and even if not all techniques are supported at the moment. And it worked.

But now Dorico has lost track of the NotePerformer Installation. No splash screen, no NotePerformer in the list of VST Instruments, no way to select NotePerformer als default playback template.
Not the first time, but then a reboot worked. Not so this time, lost in space forever??
I already run the NotePerfomer installation again - no effect. Other reboot - no effect.
In Sibelius, NotePerformer is there.

  1. How come?
  2. Solution?

Diagnostics attached.
Dorico (1.14 MB)

The application logs inside the Dorico Diagnostics folder have been generated by Dorico 1.2.10 (build 139)

  1. Because you’re opening Dorico 1, not Dorico 2
  2. Open Dorico 2

Yes, thak you, and just found out myself. Did not know that 1.2 was still alife after the update, and that the icon in the taskbar was connected with 1.2.

Dorico 2 is very definitely named Dorico 2, rather than just Dorico, and yes, 1.2 stays intact in case you need to maintain file compatibility with people that use an older version.