Noteperformer: "Mute" in mixer sometimes not saved

Sometimes the state “muted” in a mixer channell of Noteperformer is not saved. After changing the channell again to “muted”, saving, closing and loading the project anew it is again non muted before any playback. Other channells of the same project are muted and remain so; I cannot find any regularity. Does someone have an advice?

Are you talking about the mute state in the Dorico mixer window or in the NotePerformer window? If the latter one, then it is a NotePerformer problem, because the NotePerformer mixer is solely controlled by itself. Do you perhaps have a small demo project which exhibits that behaviour?

I am talking about the state in the NotePerformer window. I attach a demo where the muted-state of the clarinet is not saved. The other two instruments are not played by NotePerformer.Demo NotePerformer mute.dorico (601.8 KB)

I see. Same here, when I load that project, mute the clarinet and save it, the clarinet is still unmuted when reloading the project.
Dorico does not directly control the NotePerformer parameters but rather asks plug-ins to send the whole plug-in state. That gets saved as a big chunk in the Dorico project and retransmitted to the plug-in at project loading time.
Please get in contact with the makers of NotePerformer on this issue. Thanks

I have sent the same project to the makers of NotePerformer. Thank you!