NotePerformer performance

As I strive to finish my first big score in Dorico, I am having many questions, some of which have been answered (thank you).

I have two more, which I’ll ask in different posts, so as to not mix the answers. First one is:

Is it normal that NotePerformer 3 does a terrible job playing an orchestral piece in Dorico 3.5? Not following the dynamics on the score or having an inconsistent approach to them, having sudden bursts or drops in volume, randomly missing articulations… the expression maps seem very poorly done. The result is quite harsh. I have tried many ways to solve that, rewrites, re-introducing dynamics…without success.

I don’t know if it’s due to Steinberg’s or to Wallander’s part of the implementation, but knowing wouldn’t help either.

So I’m wondering what would be the best orchestral library for this. Or if someone is selling pre-made expression maps for known libraries that really work in Dorico (I would pay for that). I’ve read that major libraries (Spitfire, Cinematic, Orch. Tools…) have made special products for StaffPad, for example, with expression maps and all.

Without a proper way to hear the music, the whole experience suffers.

Thanks in advance

The one-word answer to that is “no,” unless the spec of your PC isn’t adequate for the size of project you are working on.

FWIW I’m working on a project with 80 staves and nearly 4000 bars of music right now, and NotePerformer is working perfectly, in Windows with a 6-core I7 processor at 32Gb RAM (but Dorico is using less than half that).

Somebody from Steinberg will see this thread and start the process of finding out what is wrong and how to fix it.

It would be easiest to diagnose the problem if you could attach the project here, so we can take a look. If you could also list a few spots in the piece where you hear the most egregious problems, that might also help us to nail down the problem.

Assuming that you’ve remembered to load the playback template for NotePerformer, there’s virtually nothing else required and it certainly follows the dynamics correctly. NP is very dynamic and arguably also harsh so it may simply be you don’t like the way it plays – not everyone does. I’m sure when you attach the project, we’ll know soon enough.

Not in my project, it doesn’t.

I’ve used NP before. It’s not the greatest, but this is too rough.

I am preparing a file to send it over. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong.

Thank you

If you aren’t finding the dynamics and note lengths to be correct then please check you have the correct settings in Dorico, as described on p51 of the manual:

Thanks for your answer. Yes, all that is correct. Still having issues. Waiting for Daniel to answer my pvt message so that I can send him a zip.

You can also mail him directly: d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de

Alright, thank you.