Noteperformer Playback and Dorico 4


I have recently purchased Dorico 4 to run on my MacBook Pro w/ M1. Based on a number of suggestions I listened to, I also purchased NotePerformer to run audio playback in Dorico. Following the instructions, I set Dorico to run in Rosetta mode.

I then set the default template to NotePerformer, and imported the xml file for a piece I composed in NoteFlight. I checked that the piece had NotePerformer set as the playback template. But when I click play, no audio generates. If I switch the playback template to HSSE_HSS (Pro), the playback works fine. I open another piece, it will play in NotePerformer, but not HSSE_HSS (Pro).

If I compose a new piece in Dorico with NotePerformer selected as the template, it plays just fine in both input and output mode.

I have searched for answers/solutions to the problem but have not been able to find anything. I am not a computer guru, so does anybody out here have any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong.

In Setup mode, left panel (the players), use each instrument’s menu to Change instrument to… that same instrument, but from Dorico. I have the feeling that Dorico does not recognize the instruments from your xml files, and this should solve the problem.
Once you have reattributed each player the instruments, go to Play mode, play menu> Playback Template, and reapply your NotePerformer playback template. It should work as expected.


@Gdevaux, if you go to Play mode and expand the Routing section in the inspector for the selected track, then click the e button to show NotePerformer’s window, does the window appear as expected?

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Thank you both so much! I managed to get boteperformer ro be the selected playback Engine, but tomy disappointment, it was the wrong choice to make for that particular prelude. The flute sounds like a goat, something that as a former flute player makes me cringe. Seems like I am going to have to figure out a different playback template to use, haha.

This made me laugh out loud. Thanks!

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That’s why you have the 30 days trial versions :wink:
I try NotePerformer every once and then. For a lot of people it might work, for me it is not a solution at all and for smaller ensembles I’m most of the time disappointed of the sounds.

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Something is wrong with your playback. I’m a flute player and the NotePerformer flute does NOT sound like a goat (unless you set the playback vibrato to an unnatural level).

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I must not have figured out the settings yet! My problem is the long sustained notes remind me of what I was taught NOT to do, and I swear it sounds like a billy goat, haha I wish I could figure out how to share the audio example like you provided, but now my problem is I must have clicked the wrong button. There is no audio playback of my prelude now, now but only the clicking noise when a note should be played? I have a lot of learning to do, but I think switching to and learning Dorico/Cubase will certainly be worth it :slight_smile:

Edit: Fixed the playback! I turned off Roseta mode after using Dorico, and completely forgot that note noteperformer would not longer work if it wasn’t on.)

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Thank you so much for your help; my disability gives me visual impairments (amoung other deficits,) an my computer will not read back to me images.

However, From what I could make out, it is exporting the file? (I love how Big Macs can blow up images :slight_smile: ) I tried doing that earlier, but I cannot figure out how to share just one measure of one part, so I am going to create a new track with just that measure or two to share! Let me see if I can do that.

FluteVibratoProjectNP_D4.dorico (509.4 KB)

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Wow, that is so much better than what I can manage so far! Did you use cubase 12?

No. straight out of Dorico. I don’t own Cubase.

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I am determined to figure out the ins and outs of Dorico some day, haha! I am so relieved to know there is a way to do it :slight_smile:

I supplied the basic Dorico file. That should get you started. Now to practice… the Flute!

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Awesome, I’ll figure out how to just switch the flute back to the original Dorico sounds! Thank you for all of your help, and I hope you enjoy your flouting!!

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