Noteperformer problems

Dorico 3.5.1 and Noteperformer 3.3.1

I have three machines with three scenarios!

  1. Lenovo Desktop i7 12GB RAM Windows 10 - Seems to work fine!

  2. Lenovo Laptop (work issued) i5 8GB RAM Windows 10 - No Sound on Noteperformer, Halion works fine

  3. Asus Laptop AMD Ryzen 7 20GB RAM Windows 10
    A. Sample Rate 44100 - crackly sound
    B. Sample Rate 48000 - Works fine for about 2-3 minutes! THEN it starts to distort THEN Nothing!

On No. 2 - I tried the Thread that goes into the Vst2 Plugin Blacklist Audioengine file and delete the Noteperformer stuff, but didn’t help.

I have a private Lenovo laptop with an i3 and NotePerformer does work on it. So the not-sounding on your Lenovo laptop must be due to a misconfiguration.
For the Asus laptop, to be honest, I have no idea for a beginning. For both of them, could you provide diagnostics reports (Help > Create Diagnostics Report)?
But before doing that, create a new piano project from template, enter a few notes, then go to Play mode and choose the NotePerformer playback template.

Could you also provide short audio recordings from the Asus? Does not need to be high quality, could be recorded with a smart phone. Just to get an impression.

I made a diagnostic at both sample rates. Wasn’t sure if it would make a difference.

I’ll need to email the sounds.

Dorico Diagnostics (1.51 MB)
Dorico Diagnostics (1.52 MB)

Looks same to this. I’m in direct contact with jedundas now.

Same here. “¡¡Noteperformer!!”. No sound, no interface.

Mac OS Catalina 10.15.6. Noteperformer 3.3.1, Dorico Pro 3.5.1
Dorico (1.31 MB)

Alvaro, please send a mail to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’ and I’ll send you some info. Thanks