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I’ve been using NotePerformer for a while, however, I can’t seem to get all the settings right to make NotePerformer sound realistic. I’ve already tried setting Dorico’s Mixer to Maximizer at 40% Modern Setting, but for a full orchestra, it just doesn’t sound that right. What are all your recommendations?

are you talking about the acoustic or the realism of the actual instruments themselves? NP sounds terrible without a reasonably spacious reverb as it’s very dry though you don’t want to overdo it. The REVERence built into Dorico isn’t bad – don’t know if you’ve tried experimenting with some of the impulses there? Naturally it depends on the sort of music you’re writing.

I think you can go into Note Performer’s mixer as well. If you do there may be an eq for each instrument that may help. (Sorry not near my computer at the moment). I love NotePerformer and what it is designed to do, it does so well. I don’t believe it can compete with sampled libraries for the sound but I never had a single regret on purchasing it.


I am writing for full orchestra.
How do I access the REVERence in Dorico?

Hi Elwin,

  1. Display the Mixer (F3)
  2. If it’s not already showing, display the FX channel by clicking on the FX button
  3. Press the Inserts button and Reverence should already be there in the first slot on the reverb channel. If it’s not, select it from the menu by clicking on the little down arrow and activate it by clicking on the Activate Instrument button (the first of the two buttons above ).
  4. Press the Sends button and make sure that FXReverb is turned on for the Instrument you want to add reverb to. Adjust the amount of Reverb to your liking by moving the slider beneath.
  5. You can also change the type, amount and detailed settings of the Reverb FX by clicking on the Edit Instrument button - the second of the two buttons above the Reverb insert.

Will I have to manually adjust the Fx Reverb for every instrument in the score? Or does the “Flute” channel count for all instruments.

if you use the Reverb slot (as in the screenshot above) it should apply to all instruments. Curiously your post made me spend a little time yesterday with trying out a couple a impulses for NP and the default LA studio is not bad at all. Click on the “Browse” button when you’re in Edit Instrument mode and there are plenty more. Some have recommended for a bigger space such as full orchestra, one of the English Chapel variants which I agree is wroth checking out.

Naturally, you can invest quite a bit of money on professional reverb kits like Altiverb but the REVerence you get free with Dorico is more than just basic (in Cubase, only the top Pro version includes it) and seems quite well regarded

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If you’re using NotePerformer then you won’t be able to control the reverb of individual instruments in Dorico. I think NotePerformer’s own mixer does give you control over the reverb of separate instruments though.