NotePerformer still not working with Dorico 3 on Windows 10

I followed the steps listed in the other thread about NotePerformer and Dorico 3. I also reinstalled NotePerformer after installing Dorico 3, but I cannot get NotePerformer to work on my Surface Pro. It works fine on my MacBook.

Here are the symptoms:

  1. I can choose NotePerformer as the Playback Template.
  2. When I choose NotePerformer as the Playback Template with a project opened it never opens the NotePerformer window to load the sounds like it does with all the other Playback Templates.
  3. In Play mode, if I click on the combo box for VST Instruments I see the following choices:

Dorico Beep
4) Clicking Play shows a moving line but no sound.
5) Works fine in the installed Dorico 2 version.
6) Every other playback template works correctly.

Trying to add my diagnostic log but can’t figure out how to attach a file in this forum.


To add diagnostic log, don’t use the quick reply, but the full editor and preview. it has the file attachment area.

In the full editor, clicking the Insert Url button adds some html tags.

How do I point that to a file? This is not very user friendly.


It isn’t the Insert Url button you use. Once in “Full Editor and Preview”, click “Attachments” under the “Save draft”, “Preview” and “Submit” buttons. You then have the option to “Add files”.

So now that I found that what do I do when it says the diagnostics file is too large?

Could someone from the customer support team contact me privately? This forum is keeping me from submitting what I need to submit.

I am a software engineer and willing to work on what is going on with my configuration. I suspect I am not the only one.

Send the diagnostics file to u dot stoermer at Steinberg dot net with a link back to this thread.

Hi, I am having an identical issue. Is there a fix for this? Thanks.

I got my setup working - I had to manually copy NotePerformer64.dll from C:\Program Files (x86)\NotePerformer\VSTPlugins 64-bit into C:\Program Files\VstPlugins, and having done that, I also had to set my ASIO driver under Device Setup (as I’m using an external USB interface).