NotePerformer: Switch choir between “aah” and “ooh” dynamically

Seems like this ought to be simple. How can I get the choir to change between ah and oh while singing?

I considered trying to create different instruments for ah and oh, but since the choir performers and groups players and not solo players it doesn’t appear I can have them switch instruments.


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From a quick look at the NotePerformer user guide, I don’t see how this can be done; it doesn’t appear to list any specific way to specify the syllable that is “sung” by the vocal instruments. If you know differently, perhaps you can point me to the NotePerformer documentation that details how this capability can be used, and then we can figure out how best to trigger that in Dorico.

If you use one voice when the choir player sings ah and a different voice when the choir player sings oh, and then enable independent voice playback for the choir player, you can override the sound for the second voice in the NotePerformer mixer.

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And if one cannot do that with the NP template, one can always do it by putting the singers into separate voices assigned to separate tracks in HALion.

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Thanks! It would be nice if NP had keyswitches for this, but the voice trick worked, so I’m mostly happy. (Note: it took a while to figure out how to enable individual voice playback in Dorico 4, it was quite hidden, and the documentation didn’t help.)


If you purchase the Olympus Elements package for the HALion player (which is quite cheap**) then it contains several different vowels than can be triggered by Keyswitches.

** You’ve just missed the sale, though.

It’s still going to sound ‘not like a real choir’, though…

Even the version of Olympus that comes with Dorico has Oo and Ah options, and it is easy enough to create a Playback template that contains both.