Noteperformer Timeout on Dorico 4.2 - Windows

vst2xscanner.dmp (2.9 MB)

Apologies for the late response, here’s the file. Thank you

Thanks for the dump file but I don:t have my debugging tools at hand right now. I will have a look latest by Monday morning. Thank you for your patience

Hi @mrdixon, indeed, it is the same issue with you, the scanner is stuck within that atio6axx.dll.
So please also follow the advice given earlier here in this thread.

@Wallander, it appears to be a threading issue. The main thread of the scanner is calling into the atio6axx.dll and is then deadlocked waiting for another thread that was created by the AMD driver. Do you know of anything where your code is actively creating OpenGL threads or something?

We don’t. NotePerformer 3 doesn’t spawn threads in normal operation. OpenGL is only called from the host’s main thread at plug-in instantiation and from VST2 Editor calls, which none are made by vst2xscanner.exe.

Our trial version may produce message boxes in a separate and temporary thread. It’s necessary to avoid stalling VSTAudioEngine since the message box isn’t focused over Dorico. While that would be a potential source-of-error, the messages boxes are produced from the resume() VST2 function, which vst2xscanner.exe never calls. That’s intentional, as we don’t want message boxes during plug-in scanning.

For reference, we received the AMD Radeon system and were able to reproduce the bug. Thanks for the assistance in this.

While the problem remains in the driver, we’ve found a workaround to keep NotePerformer 4 from triggering the problem.