Noteperformer upright bass pizz sound - Eb2 sounds like E2

Has anybody else noticed this ? - it’s very much out of tune… :thinking:

They work fine for me - all the bass patches (didn’t try the electric ones) solo, ensemble, and the upright in the Guitars section were in tune. Does this happen in all your scores?

If it persists, you might contact Arne Wallender who created NP. I had an issue with the intonation in the Classical Guitar patch, and he corrected it. He’s very responsive!

Yes, I noticed the same.

Seem in tune here on my Mac.


Seems ok for me too. Maybe not relevant, but one consideration could be the instrument or instruments you are comparing it to. If a piano or piano VST is using stretch tuning and the bass sound is not then it will sound very sharp in comparison.

The Upright bass initially sounded off so I checked both the Upright bass and the Double bass using my tuner (Peterson StroboPlusHD). Eb2 and E2 for both instruments seem in tune (arco and pizz). However on further investigation, for long notes (4 repeated whole notes for the upright bass and 4 tied whole notes for the double bass), the upright bass is about a quarter-tone sharp for both Eb2 and E2 relative to the double bass.

NotePerformer 3.3.2, Dorico 3.5.10, MacOS 10.14.6, audio output via computer speakers.

It would probably be worth contacting Arne @Wallander about this, since there’s nothing Steinberg can do about the tuning of notes in NotePerformer.