Notes are omitted when changing instruments.

I’m using a lot of instrument changes for percussion and I noticed that if there’s little space between the notes of the two instruments, a few notes can go missing. I attached a screenshot of a measure in galley view and in regular page view (where a rest is missing).

Does anybody know how to fix it?

Thank you!

If you turn off stemlets, does that correct the behavior?

No, not really. It happens every time there’s not a lot of space between notes on different instruments. I wonder if there’s any way of controlling the position of the instrument change’s label.

You can’t control where the instrument change happens, I’m afraid. In this case Dorico really ought to wait until the end of the beam before it allows the instrument change, but at present it doesn’t consider beams when determining these transition points: it just looks at notes. A couple of approaches occur to me, though neither is great.

The first would be to make sure that the triangle part contains rests that match the position and duration of the rests in the other instrument’s part, whatever that might be: provided there’s a 16th rest at the same position in the triangle part as in the other part, then the bar will at least look correct, though the instrument transition point will still come before the end of the beam.

The second option would be to add a note in another voice at the same position as the 16th rest so that Dorico knows it shouldn’t create the transition there. That note could be scaled down to 1% in size or set to be transparent so it doesn’t appear.

Thank you, Daniel. I went with your second option and it was good enough for me. It would be good to have more flexible options for instrument changes in Dorico. I’m moving from Finale and the way it handles multiple instruments is already very good compared to it, though. I would like, for example, to have custom instrument changes labels. Right now you can only customize the prefix to the label. Also, I can’t find a way to have the name of the part on the first system, instead of the instrument currently being played. For example, I would like to have Percussion 1 on the first System, but Dorico automatically places “Triangle”, because it’s the first instrument to be played.

You can customise a selected instrument change label via the Properties panel in Engrave mode.

Oh! I haven’t thought of that. Thank you!