Notes are Silenced after Quantize

I manually recorded some cymbal hits over an existing MIDI drum track using the MIDI Merge recording mode. However when I try and quantize these hits, the notes turn white and they are silenced. I am able to quantize other notes in the track without issue. What could be causing this?

Also, separate question, but is there any quick way to select all data for a given note? I’m new to Cubase coming from SONAR and it used to be that clicking on the note in the piano roll would select everything on the track for that given note. This would be very handy if I’m only wanting to quantize certain drum parts to different intervals.

Hi and welcome,

Could you attach a screenshot before and after, please?

Yes, in the Key Editor shift + click to the virtual keyboard of the Key Editor. Or shift + double-click to the MIDI Note to select this + all following MIDI Notes of the same pitch (this works in the Drum Editor too).