Notes don't update when switching to 8vb Treble key

Hello, I’ve been considering switching to Dorico from Guitar Pro as I need something that can allow me to write good guitar tablature together with correctly notated orchestral and vocal parts.

Part of this is writing scores / tabs for 7 and 8 string Electric guitars. I’ve attempted to write some tabs but I’ve noticed that most of the lower range work is out of range for the treble clef, requiring many additional lines, and thus I’ve shifted it to a lower octave treble key. I’ve noticed the note locations don’t move up at all, but remain on the additional lines. This is not what happens when switching, for example, to a bass clef, which correctly adjusts all the notes to be in the appropriate locations.

I would argue this is undesirable behaviour and should be changed, unless I’m missing something on how to use the software, in which case you’re welcome to correct me.

This is something quite normal when I work in Guitar Pro and expected behaviour.

See Respecting/Ignoring clef octave indicators.

This is turned off by default, on the basis that guitarists/piccolo players/double bass players/tenor singers are extremely unlikely to play or sing in a different octave dependent on whether the clef has a little “8” or not.

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Thank you, this seems what I was looking for :slight_smile: