Notes Dropping in all HALion versions

I have put the main Poly in SE to max 128 I select Gentleman Piano it struggles to play chords, plus chords in left hand and melody with the right hand it is a nightmare when notes drop out it seems to struggle when playing fast as well. Gentleman is just one I’ve picked out in this post but it does this with all the pianos or pads etc. I have a 32gb ram, i7 Windows 10 up-to-date computer this shouldn’t be happening…any other ideas as to why this could be happening? Cheers.

I’m guessing that your disk is having a rough time keeping up with loading all of those little piano samples for the different notes/velocities.

To alleviate that you can try the following:

  1. If your sample library or libraries for HALion are on HDD (hard dsik drive), and if you also have an SSD in your computer, try moving the sample libraries to the SSD using the Steinberg Library Manager. - Sometimes that can be good enough.

If the above isn’t possible or if it didn’t help enough, try the next thing:

  1. There should be a HALion preference setting, where you can choose to allocate more RAM for pre-loading samples from disk. Make that quite a bit larger, since you have lots of RAM.

If the previous 3 steps didn’t help, or didn’t help enough, try the next thing:

  1. Bring the HALion polyphony setting way down to the number of notes you play (or hold) simultaneously. I often use 8 or 16 for piano libraries. But if you play like Liberace, you may need more. :slightly_smiling_face:
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Cheers Nico, I’ll try them all sorry for the delay I’ve been doing a lot of sampling the past few days… Actually, you might be able to help I’ve recoded an instrument from C1 to C7 all white notes centered and filled… I make a layer give it a name I select the layer that holds the samples to start working in the macro designer on the UI now it appears I don’t have access to the ADSR parameters to assign them to my sliders or pretty much anything…It only appears to work with single samples to use these type of parameters if you get mi and not as an overall group and I’ve noticed if I select sample zone in the drop-down menu it comes in yellow with an exclamation mark through it and that’s with or without a sample in the program any ideas . Many thanks.

sorry - I don’t know the answer to that.

In addition, if you have a new question, it’s a good forum habit to start a new thread with a new title so others are more likely to chime in. And starting a new thread for new questions is also good forum etiquette, since it gives others a much better chance to find the answer later.

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For mapping parameters of multiple zones to macro page controls see this:

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