Notes exceeding end of part handled differently than sustain

My problem is probably correct behaviour from a very technical point of view.
Since it’s equivalent for keyboard/piano-players who use the sustain-pedal, it’s at least annoying.

This is all about midi-parts.

if you cut a part or shorten it, there can be notes still going on at when the end of the part is reached.
they aren’t cut by cubase, but they’re handled differently, depending if sustain was pressed or the key is held down.


record two parts:
(+) record part one: play a long note
(+) shorten the part’s length so the end is immediately after the start of the note and the rest of the note is beyond the part’s end
(+) record part two: press sustain and play a very short note hold sustain for about as long as the note in the first part
(+) shorten the second part’s length so it ends immediately after your short note i finished, but sustain is still down beyond the part’s end

on playback the first part plays it’s note exactly how it was recorded. it doesn’t stop at the end of the part, but goes on as long as the midi length parameter of the note.
the second part although plays it’s note but since sustain doesn’t count into the note’s length it’s a midi event/message (whatever) of it’s own the note plays forever.

from the players point of view sustain is a key like every other, it’s natural state is released and it’s expected to go back to it’s default state at least somewhere down the timeline. yet press and release in midi aren’t stored as notes but seperate actions (in fact there are some values in between). so cubase ignores it and holds sustain forever when it’s release is outside the parts borders.

maybe it’s correct in a certain way.

I just can’t think of any scenario in which a forever pressed sustain pedal could be the expected or wanted outcome.

In editing / studio environment this results in quick workarounds, in most cases you’ll notice very quickly, be annoyed for some seconds and fix it.

In live environments (where sadly I wouldn’t recommend cubase for several reasons, but these little things account for a great deal here) this is a real problem, because this also affects switching tracks.
if you want to switch instruments quickly, you probably want to do that through switching tracks. If you’re not careful enough to everytime release your sustain pedal before doing so, the old track will play the last notes forever.

You probably wanted to point out the “Insert Reset Events after Record Option”.
This is just a quick fix for the case, when the player releases sustain after the recording has ended. It’s probably a common mistake also, but it’s just a small part of the deal.
If you shorten the records length after recording the reset event is gone - what almost always is the case with midi tracks, if you don’t do everything in a single long take but with breaks and you have to adjust parts afterwards so they won’t overlap.

Couldn’t we have a reset option for ending of parts and for track switching. Or even better a solution which lets a track that is still playing notes read sustain data until it’s released again, even if it’s outside the parts borders. Probably that’s not possible.
Personally already I would be very happy about a more versatile reset situation.

Best regards again


To understand it better, could you make a screenshots o these 2 cases, please? Make a MIDI/Instrument track(s) and bellow the Audio track with the result, so we can see the MIDI data and the audio signal. Thanks