Notes for tracks? Like PT?

There’s a “Notepad” tab in inspector area (between “Channel” and “Quick Controls” tabs) where you can add your comments for every track. I don’t use this feature myself, since it’s too hard to use, because there’s no window where you could see all comments at the same time or even a way to see which tracks has comments in a single view. I don’t know what’s this “a la Pro Tools” thing, but if it’s better than what we have in Cubase I would be very interested.

Anyway … I’m really hoping Steinberg would make some effort on developing better ways to handle/display track metadata:

  1. comments (like now in notepad)
  2. track history (recording date/time, edit history with date/time)
    and make a nice interface to browse all this data. This would be killer tool for me.

FWIW, there is the project “notepad” that can remain open as a separate window. Could be helpful.

Aloha and yes.

I use this feature live on stage for lyrics,direction,notes to self etc