Notes in Score Editor not visible in Key Editor

Hello folks

I compose by entering notes with the mouse in Score Editor then subsequently tinkering with CCs etc in the Key Editor - a slightly cumbersome way to work but I’ve got used to it.
Just now I was shaping a cello line (already initially entered in the Score Editor) in the Key Editor when I suddenly realised the last few notes in the phrase weren’t visible. I checked the rest of the piece and this happens here and there throughout it’s length: Notes visible in Score but not Key.
The notes do sound, in fact they are ‘there’ in every way, except in the Key Editor.
If I then add the missing notes directly in the Key Editor they then cause double headed notes in the Score Editor - as they are duplicates.

This is probably a very obvious thing - a setting somewhere that is having an influence - but I’m baffled by it! And I can’t recall having this issue before.

Any ideas what’s going on?? I’m on Cubase 9 by the way.


I kind of sounds like a midi part you are editing is no longer selected in the project view. Can you check if that’s the case?

Or, you have two parts, one on top of the other.

edit: must be the latter.

I think it is.
I have double clicked on my Cello 1 midi track - the entire phrase is on this track. Part of the phrase is there in the key editor, but part is not visible.
I wonder if there might be any ‘Layer’ antics at work here? (Even though I don’t usually play with layers.)
If I select ‘Edit in place’ on the track, I can see the whole phrase there, but bits of it are in different colours.

Here’s a pic I just quickly took in the project windows with the Key Editor in the bottom zone. You can see the the cursor is at the point where the notes become invisible in the Key Editor but are still visible to the right of the cursor in the In Place Editor.
I’ve selected the first note to the right of the cursor but in the Key Editor it says No Object Selected.

So is this something to do with layers that I’ve accidentally activated?


I’m trying to say that in the project view, you have two midi parts, one on top of the other. Glue them together.

Away from my DAW for now but I’ll try when I get back.
How would this happen though? How would two midi parts occur in this circumstance? I create a midi track; I enter all the notes on that track in the Score Editor. That’s it.
How could this happen?

There are several ways, e.g., if you are recording them in, if you have the midi record mode set to New Parts that could happen.

I never record anything. I just enter notes via mouse in the Score Editor.
I’m really baffled as to how this can happen!
And I have no idea how to glue the parts together! :frowning:
Since this whole ‘creating multiple parts within a midi track’ feature is not something I have any understanding of - I have no idea how to undo it.
I’d really appreciate it if you could explain how to glue these parts together.


Ah - think I may have figured it out. Simply apply the glue tool to the track rather than events within the track, right?
Still confused as to how this could happen.
Does this gluing process also merge CC data that may have been present in the other parts? In which case how are two potentially conflicting CC1 curves resolved?

In my case in C10 pro, I have to click on Score editor ( the music notation) window to get that visible!

Merge MIDI in Loop in the Midi drop down top menu. It always catches me out as well. Better to set default MIDI record mode to “MERGE” rather than “NEW PARTS” unless you specifically want that. I always forget as Cubase always defaults to NEW PARTS in a new project…