Notes input process -- Specify beaming

I work with a «free meter, irregular bar»…
Is there a way to specify the «Beaming» ahead during the process of
inputting notes in the same way as with ex.:«slurs, Gradual dynamic, etc.».



I don’t believe so. I seem to remember asking this some moths ago and Daniel saying it’s on the list.

No, there is indeed no way to do this at present, but we hope we will be able to add this in future.


About the workflow this would be a great addition when using the computer keyboard!
Hoping for this as soon as possible.

Thanks for your tremendous work.

Happy new year to you and the Dorico’s team.



hi there, I thought I’d just revive this old thread before starting a new one.

Did this feature ever get added Daniel? My apologies for not keeping abreast on all the new features added.

Im inputting a piece that I’ve written on paper, and I want to whiz through it. Is there any way to set the beaming to only happen when the there’s no rests separating the 8th notes? It continues this way for the whole piece. No time sig added, and small groupings of 8ths spaced by a rest.

thanks so much

There isn’t a setting that will do that; you have to break them manually. All the beam grouping settings operate according to beat grouping, and no meter = no beat groups.

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Thanks for the reply mark.
Yeah, that makes sense. :+1:t4: