Notes input with a midi keyboard

Hi, how can I input notes etc via midi keyboard? I’m a beginner. Thanks for any good answer.

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First connect a midi keyboard to your computer. If you don’t know how, google that question and there are numerous videos and articles to guide you through it.

After your MIDI is set up, Dorico should automatically recognize it and when you enter note input mode (press return or shift N, and you’ll see the orange line like caret).
Then decide the duration of the note you want (6 for quarter, 7 for half–see the manual)
then play note on MIDI keyboard and it should work.
Feel free to ask more questions here and lot’s of people will help you.

One thing that caught me as a new user is that your keyboard has to be turned on and functioning before running Dorico.


At least the first time. Then, once it’s been recorded, acknowledged… whatever the term, you can hot plug it, IIRC.

I did not realize that. I’ve always assumed I had to have it on or Dorico wouldn’t recognize it. This will save me time as I often forget to turn my keyboard on before using Dorico. Thanks.

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That was the case pre-3.0, IIRC. Somewhere around 3.x, they added hot-swapping.

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Welcome to the forum, @osacre. To help you get to grips with Dorico as easily as possible, I recommend you work through our First Steps guide, which will lead you by the hand through all of the basic things you need to know to use Dorico efficiently: