Notes keep shifting


When I prolong a bar, I don’t know how to keep the following notes from shifting. Even if I use ALT+ SHIFT + I at the spot I want to keep as it was and use INSERT in the bar I want to change.



Any ideas?

Thanks, Esther

Hmmm, I think I’ve just figured something out. Using the system track seems to help. Would you agree that’s the way?

The System Track is most useful when what you’re shifting around is a whole number of bars to begin with. I think what you want consists of two separate actions: inserting an extra quarter rest, and changing the time signatures to match that. The first is done by putting the caret where you now have the stop line, then typing Shift-B, 1q, Enter. Then you can put the time signatures in.
(Note that the order of operations doesn’t matter here, Dorico is very permissive in this regard.)

If you use the Insert scope “Global Adjustment of Current Bar”, then when you insert extra music into the bar the caret is inside, Dorico should handle the time signature changes for you (re-stating the original time signature at the start of the next bar, and updating the time signature at the start of the ‘active’ bar).

The Insert mode stop position fixes the music beyond it in time, and prevents it being overwritten when you insert music earlier, and the music beyond the stop position would otherwise be moved as a result. Instead, the stop position “eats” music that is shunted as a result of inserting notes earlier.

A late response; it took a while for me to grasp your explanation. Now that I read it again, it makes perfect sense, thanks!

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This is something I will experiment with, but I think Lillies solution is what I’m looking for in this case.