Notes sharing a beam split across lines

It’s probably a matter of terminology keeping from finding what I need, but I have a pair of eighth notes that share a beam, but they’re being split across lines in the system. Is there a way to keep these together?
Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 4.18.18 PM

Erm? Quarter notes do not have beams…

Edited to say eighth notes

You have probably allowed open bars to be split across systems (Layout Options> Staves and Systems>Casting Off…) - but it is unclear from this fragment.

Hm, I didn’t have anything checked there. Here’s a better screenshot.

What’s happening is, without barlines, Dorico breaks the system at however many notes will fit. If you change any of the following things, it will break differently:

  • note spacing rule
  • space size
  • left/right margins
  • appearance of staff labels
    or, recommended:
  • manual system break