Notes/storyboard track - new track type?

It would be very useful to have a new track type for putting information about the project on the timeline. The events could be similar to MIDI parts/events and when the event is hovered over a floating box shows the information that has been typed in for that event. Events could be any length and would probably be drawn to match the adjoining MIDI or audio events.

Useful for scale changes or any details about the project that occur at a specific point in the project.

Maybe some users may prefer to have more than 1 track so that composition and audio info are kept separate.

The feature could be toggled off/on by change the use of the m and s buttons near the track name.

Giving the events names would also speed up workflow

I kinda use a 2nd (& sometimes a 3rd) Marker Track to do this now. So instead of naming a Marker something like “Chorus 2” it is more like “Fix this drum fill” or “A sax riff starting here might sound interesting.”