Notes will play back in Playback, but I can't select/edit them or any adjacent bars to them

Hi, I’m having one of those “everything is fine,” and I step away and then come back and things are messed up upon re-opening the Dorico File. Help please!

In a score of mine, all of the sudden I can’t select certain bars or notes in those bars. The notes will sound during playback, but I literally just can’t click on them and select them.

For example, I have woodwinds, strings and piano, etc. I can’t select the certain players in the woodwinds, or the brass to edit them. The strings, and piano, no problem. I can select them, cut/paste, etc.

What button did I hit that could have made this happen and how can I undo it? (I can’t Undo it because I closed and re-opened it).

Thanks for any help.

Do you have condensing on? In the Edit menu.


I did, yes! It now works. Why does that happen? I’m guessing some clever logic behind why.

Thank you jesele!

The condensed staves are non-editable by design, as they are just a calculated representation of the underlying music, which still lives on multiple, separate staves. When you edit the contents, the software will need to recalculate how to condense it. So indeed, either turn condensing off temporarily or work in Galley view.