Notes with stemlets and without stemlets in the same flow

Is there a way to use stemlets only in specific places in a flow/project?


You can always force or suppress stemlets of a selection.

edit > Notation > Beaming > Stemlets or right click > Beaming > Stemlets


Great, Thank you!

Another question: If I want a rest within a beam without a stemlet but only in a few spots and not in a global setting, how can I do it?

Select the passage and:

edit > Notation > Beaming > Beam together or right click > Beaming > Beam together

Maybe I didn’t explain myself correctly.
I want a specific passage to look like this
but without a global command.

When I use the beam together option Dorico does not beam the rest and it looks like this:

ah ok I thought about this:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-04 um 16.05.13

I also only found Notation Option > Beam Grouping > Rest in beam groups > allow rests within beams and start and end of beams.

This will be global. But with this setting you can always use split beam or stemlets. for the other versions.

Ok. It’s a bit pitty because I have only one spot that I need to use the rest within a beam at a start of a beam.

I hope Dorico team will consider adding the option to force a beaming of rests within beams at a start or end of a beam.

Maybe a rest notehead and a hidden stem.
Rest notehead.dorico (924.4 KB)


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looks like a good solution. but I didn’t find how to change the notehead into a rest.

You can open @jesele sattached project and go

Library > Notehead sets…

select the Rest Notehead set and click on the star at the bottom to save it as a default. Now you have it in every other project.

And if you use it. Don’t be scared about the stem. Because it’s a notehead, you can hide it.

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Exactly, thanks @Nukkul I tend to be sloppy with my posts and assume people already know how to do it.


Got it! thanks, both of you!