Nothing back from Cubase Support

Hi People. What’s the latest situation with Steinberg Support. I’ve no wish to join an internet mob of haters, but Support appears to have either retired, vanished, or outright ignore customers. I know I’m not alone, but where are all the voices, where is the help. Steinberg just released 11. So, it hasn’t gone out of business, but, from the outside, it just looks like a car crash hit and run. What’s the deal, is it still operational? Help


Hi Rob,

Unfortunately our support received a lot of tickets with the release of Cubase 11 due to the eLicenser server issues on day one and they are working hard to answer all the inquiries.

What’s your problem? Maybe we can solve it here in the forum?


Hi Matthias. I’m getting a lot of Safe Mode splash screens, advising, to subimit a copy of the crash dump log file, to tech support, which I have done. I’ve perodically added futher logs, and lately, an Xmas message. There’s nothing here, crippling my workflow, apart from, an occasional random quitting. I thought maybe if I could get info,. I appreciate support is triaging support tickets at the moment, and it may be that this is no big deal, but info is