Nothing being recorded

Hi there

I’m using Cubase Pro 11 with a UR12 Interface. Whilst some sound is being registered, nothing is recording. I’ve checked the audio inputs and outputs and played around with those. It seems fine. I’ve closed all other applications that could be using the sound.

Is there anything else I can troubleshoot?


![cubase screenshot|690x431]

You need to enable Monitoring on the Track you are recording to hear/record the input signal.

Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately this doesn’t work either. I’ve played around with the inputs and outputs but I can’t think what else it’d be. The UR12 seems to be connected properly

Can you show what’s in the Inspector on your last pic to see the input routing of the Audio Track.

Thanks, I’ve worked it out. Opened inspector and changed it to sterio in right stereo out left.