Nothing to delete in active layer

In one Nuendo 10 session I can open a file in SpectraLayers in Nuendo’s internal editor and I can delete bits of the audio etc but when I do the same in a different project I get a warning saying “nothing to delete in active layer”. This is using the same audio file and trying to edit the same part with the same tools the same way, just different projects, one working and one not.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Can you screenshot ? Usually this message is displayed when you are trying to delete something in one layer but it’s actually another that is active in the layer list.

Hi Robin. Thanks for the quick reply! I have attached 3 jpg’s of what does and does not work. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong but I don’t know what.

I was just selecting a region and deleting it so nothing too tricky.

It seems that if I create a Nuendo project, drop in an audio file and use SpectraLayers it works fine, but if I then import an AAF into the same project and try to work on the audio from the AAF it stops working. This happens even if I bounce the audio from the AAF onto itself so it now exists in the projects own audio folder rather than the AAF’s audio folder.

Unfortunately my dialogue editors work on Protools so using AAF’s is unavoidable.

wondering if anybody else has problems with SL in Nuendo 10 after importing an AAF?

I SL worked fine if i imported from an AAF that had embedded audio but if the AAF’s audio was in a separate folder it failed to work.