Notion SLE

Is there is a cross grade from Notion SLE ? (Notion for VSL)


At the moment, only full Notion qualifies, and none of the cut-down versions like Notion SLE, Progression or Protégé qualify.

Hello Daniel,

Why ?

Notion SLE is the full Notion software without the bank of instrument, as is it to be use with VSL

Will Dorico be sold without it’s bank of instrument.

I own most of VSL, why to pay for a bank that is not as good and that you will not use



No, Dorico will not be sold without its sounds.

Our policy for crossgrades, for better or worse, is that only the full versions of Sibelius, Finale, and Notion, and none of its cut-down versions, qualify.

So I will not go for Dorico :frowning:

I"m surprised they’re allowing Notion for crossgrades at all frankly, as even at full retail list Notion is substantially cheaper than the crossgrade discount.

Simple answer, they’re desperate for sales…

Frank, between your comments here and on the Finale forum you’re sending awfully mixed messages about your hopes for and feelings about Dorico. On the one hand, you say you’re going to be buying the crossgrade on day one. On the other, you’re warning that Dorico could be a flop, and criticising Steinberg for wanting to start getting a return on its substantial investment in building Dorico in the first place, calling various unknown and unnamed people within the company “bean counters.” Steinberg is not a company run by “bean counters”: it is a successful, mature business with a strong focus on the needs of its customers and a commitment to deliver products that meet those needs. There is no question about whether or not “the bean counters” will continue to support the development of Dorico past the initial release: we are in this for the long haul, and it’s absurd to think of it in any other terms, given that the company has supported the development of the software without seeing a penny in return for very nearly four years. It would be perverse in the extreme to slam on the brakes now.

Dorico does need the (yes, monetary, but not only monetary) support of musicians everywhere in order to succeed. Steinberg does want to build a customer base for Dorico as quickly as possible, but without simply giving the software away. It seems to me that extending the crossgrade to Notion users is in service of both of those goals.

So are you in, or are you out, Frank? If you’re in, get in: stop sniping about Steinberg’s intentions. If you’re out, get out! Carry on using Finale and come back when you think we’ve proven ourselves. We’ll still be here, building the best tool we can for musicians worldwide.

To make it simple, i’m torn between extremes. I do have faith in your endevour, but I simply don’t understand the reason behind this sudden (and premature) release. Relax, I’m all in. I will of course continue to use Finale, after all it’s been my primary source of income for 25 years, BTW, I thought you were too young to browse the finale forum? :slight_smile:

Btw, i never said that steinberg is run by bean counters! But those guys have a lot of influence in every major corp. …

I try to keep abreast of all discussion about Dorico, wherever it may be happening. My ears burn.

Any release date would have seemed sudden and premature after four years. And even if we had waited another year, there would still be a list as long as your arm of things that people would shout about as being inexplicable by their absence, or that no software without X or Y feature could possibly be suitable for professional work.

Dorico’s not perfect, not by a long shot, but it is a fair reflection of four years of exceptionally hard work by the smartest and best programmers I not only am fortunate to work with but to call friends, and more than whatever it may be today, in all of its imperfections, it is our statement of intent for how this stuff should be done.

If you have faith, then have faith. The software has come on in leaps and bounds in the last six months. It will make further leaps and bounds in the next six months. Would we like more time to do more things before we release the software? Of course! That’s the nature of the world we’re in. Does the software already do lots of useful things in interesting ways that are superior to the competition? Yes, it most certainly does.

Daniel, I do so look forward to wednesday and getting to know Dorico. I may be ranting a bit, but it’s certainly not an attack on you and your professional integrity. BEST of luck with the launch!