Novation 49SL MKIII with Cubase 12 pro

Hi everybody
My DAW is Cubase 12 pro
I have novation 49SL MKIII midi keyboard controller

I’m having a problem setting up the novation 49sl mkIII midi keyboard controller with Cubes 12 Pro. While this model is not listed among the rest of the makes and models yet, I tried many times to learn manual . I have not been able to set this model to make full control with Cubes 12 pro… Is there anyone who has the same controller and cubase 12 pro, Anybody can explain to me how to set it up full control with DAW step by step?

Our Support Team can help you get set up. Please discuss this with the team via telephone, Live Chat or email. Contact details can be accessed on our website here -

Best wishes,
John // Novation UK :uk:

Nice to see a reply like that John - shows real concern for customers

I’m having the same issue. I’ll create a new request as well but it would be really nice if you guys could create a guide. There are apparently profiles built in for the Launchkey series but not the flagship SL series :confused:

I would also love a guide. I hate having to switch between “INcontrol” and mapping manually.

Thanx a lot dear John_Novation for fast replay, I will I will contact technical support to discuss the solve this problem