Novation automap

So i’ve got a NocturnKeyboard…using automap 4.10 with Cubase 9.0.20.
It was working fine.

Today I had a win10 update (one after the big creator one) and now automap is making cubase to have some cpu spikes (with a blank project, and not even touching anything physically).
So I tried to narrow the problem and found that if I close automap…everything goes fine again (cpu spikes).

Then I restarted Cubase and now it freezes on the startscreen at the “automap” loading. The only way to get cubase to start (and to behave normally cpu wise) is to remove automap from devices…and not running the automap server.

Anyone else?

Somebody once advised me to stick with Automap 4.9. I don’t know quite why, as I’d never tried 4.10. We know Novation doesn’t support C9, but they say they’ll get around to it some day. I too have Win10 and creator update. Automap 4.9 is working (more or less) with SL MkII here.

I have the creator update for 5 days, and automap 4.10…everything was fine with cubase9 and my Nocturn Keyboard.

But yesterday I had another kinda major win10 update, and since…cubase freezes on “novation automap”, and if I close the automap, cubase finbish to start just fine.
Today, annoyed, I spent my afternoon trying to make it work…tried automap 4.9 & 4.7 with exactly the same result: cubase freeze on startscreen at automap and unfreeze if i shut down automapserver.

So I assume its since that win10 update, not that automap doesnt support C9 (like i said it was working just fine a couple days ago).

PS: I think thats the update I had

Thanks. I now fear that update. I suppose you could uninstall the update.

sure, I could try… but hey let’s move on toward future and stay up 2 date. :joy:

Whenever I do a major update I tend to delete all the Automap Files and rebuild them

Sad that Novation refuses to get on this. Just like Korg I’m going to drop their ass for good.
I stopped supporting KORG after they screwed me over twice. Once with a $100 rebate then they dropped support of a popular mixer (Zero 4) because they refused to create a 64bit driver for it.
Think about it. a 64bit driver…just a few years ago…wow.

I refuse to support companies who give us a FU after we buy their stuff.
Novation seems to be about to go this route too although I’m waiting to see a C9 automap, It’ll most likely be my final Novation purchase.

Yea…so delete them, do a rescan

I just applied the dreaded upgrade, but I have not encountered a problem with Automap (4.9) when launching Cubase (Pro 9). Perhaps the trouble lies elsewhere. Links to my history/experience with getting this to work is listed in this post:

I’m actually in a mail exchange with novation to see if we can narrow things down.

lucky you

maybe it depends on the use of automap you make, and the actuacl hardware.

I would like to see if a reset of my “automap” config could help. I dont know how to access the editor if no DAW is launched.
I uninstalled, reinstalled (4.10, the one working so fine so far with Pro9.0.20)…tried 4.9…4.7… no luck.

do you know how to clean an automap install ? maybe my “weird” mapping is the problem.
so besides uninstalling automap…what else on the PC should I delete? and isnt there a memory in the “nocturn keyboard”?

for the rest of your point, I’m actually exactly in the same case with Korg and Novation…if I had the budget right now, I think the “Nektar Panorama P4 or P6” seems great.

If automap is installed then you can launch the server from: Start Menu > Novation > Automap Server

Set up for Cubase 8, including VST paths as you like. I think that will overwrite previous configurations, but I won’t promise that.
Once you have some virtual devices, you should be able to edit on: “Mixer/Plug-in Mappings” tab > select item > Edit Mapping… button.

I assume you have the Automap user’s guide. But if not, then it’s at:

which is also available in French or German, found on this page:

So i’m narowing the problem. And automap doesnt even recognize my Nocturn keyboard anymore. When i checked “mixer/plugins” there was no devices …

I tried uninstalling drivers, reinstalling…changing usb port… no luck

Novation tech support is a big joke…
Did contact them twice, 2 diff emails…2 slightly different way to explain my problem.
1st mail was very detailled, with my view of the problem and all the steps i’ve tried. Tech support answered 2days after, asking me for some more explainations…I gave them all infos, they made me try a thing, wasnt working. They asked me some more things, and then I simply said “well it seems that automap is not recognizing (anymore) my keyboard” + another one asking “how to fully reset all automap from a computer and hardware”…since then no more email from the man from tech. He just doesnt answer anymore, it’s been a week now with no more news.

So i’ve tried another approach…mailed the tech support with another mail, and just told that “automap 4.10” isnt recognizing my nocturn keyboard. With no other infos (like “it was working before” etc etc)…just a simple request “its not working”.
I told them that I tried to uninstall and reinstall, see how they answered that mail:
Me : “… … Uninstalled everything, reinstalled and nothing.”
tech support answer : “… … If this still fails it may be worth reinstalling Automap.”

SO YEAH I WONT RECOMMAND NOVATION…they wont listen to you, they will tell you to try the dumbest things like “make sure all cables are connected” d’ohhhhh…or “install latest drivers” well d’oh again “isnt the latest drivers are installed with automap 4.10???”

WELCOME TO NEKTAR P4 (no more plugin wrapper i never used with novation…semi weighted keys, tft screen…cubase 9 support AND a motorized fader) !!!


The Nektar Panorama is simply the best !!!

If Novation don’t update their Automap software so that it is compatible with C9, my sl mkii 61 and sl zero mkii will incur damage beyond repair, and binned. And yes, that Necta Panorama sure does look tasty, I’m eyeing up that P6 if all else fails.


I can confirm with a lot of joy, NEKTAR is the best midi controller with cubase.
Deep integration, and the best, NO WRAPPER to use on vsts !!!

All your old projects will be compatible, as the automap wrapper couldnt.

yeah well, too bad the keys are rubbish on Nektar. Even in their flag ship controller, really disrespectful i find. Now AFAIK, Automap is finally supported with 9, is it with 9.5 as well?

Rubbish?? Compared to?
I don’t find em rubbish… the pads are rubbish against an Akai controller for sure. But the keys ain’t rubbish on the Panorama.

double trouble

Compared to what? Take 10 year old, another companys flag ship SL mk2. I know it’s easy when you never have used fatar keys but it’s impossible to go back when you do. Nektar is targeting bedroom kids with their flagship. Hard to take them serious.

edit: have to mention this too; it’s not Nektars fault, other companies are doing the same (marketing for kids). At leats Nektar got the controller soft down but still, no excuses for not having at least fatar on flagship. Native instruments even got this down with their old first gen Kontrol S.