Novation Circuit SYNC issues

Hi all,

Is anyone using the Novation Circuit with Cubase (9)?

I am having problems with midi sync and it appears to be playing around double time/speed.

Any thoughts?



Hi, Turned out I was sending two midi clocks… one via USB and one via midi. School boy error!!

Still have one issue if anyone has any thoughts.

I have set up Cubase so that i have 4 tracks for the circuit and assgned them to midi channels 1-4. (Although I am that the 4 drum tracks require just four notes on channel 10)

My circuit appears to send midi on all channels or at least Cubase seems to receive on all channels even though I have set up the tracks to send/receive on one channel.

Any thoughts? I have workarounds by recording only one track at a time but it would be useful to receive on all channels at one time.

Thanks in advance,


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Have you figured this out yet? I’m having the same issue.