Novation Impulse 49 with Cubase 12?

Hi there,
Is someone use Novation IMPULSE to Cubase 12 to control Transport (Start, Stop …) or fader tracks ?
I saw Automap end of support since 1 year …
I’m not use Cubase 12 yet and would like to know some experiences of anyone.


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Cubase 12 has MIDI Remote integration. I’m not sure if there’s a script yet, but it’s pretty easy to get transport mapped.

Hi, thanks.
Yes i know. Just if someone test from novation impulse model.
I use for the moment Cubase 11.

Hi, I tried mapping my Impulse 61 using Cubase 12 new Midi remote feature . . . the faders all work OK, but I just can’t get all the rotary knobs and pads to respond. Some do, but not all of them . . . unknown reason, but they just don’t all work. As far as the Transport controls, I couldn’t figure that out either . . . I decided not to pursue it further, mostly because there is not enough information available yet, so could be a giant waste of time . . . just hoping someone who is more versed in programming this type of thing can figure it out. It’s one of the reasons I upgraded to Cubase 12, to make Novation Impulse more integrated and usable as a controller, too bad really.

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Hi all, all works fine on my Impulse 61 here. Just make sure, your knobs and pads send MIDI cc messages. Take for example preset no. 2 on your Impulse or make your own preset.

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Thanks. So it would possible to use these features with the Novation impulse. That's a good point.

Thanks. So it would possible to use these features with the Novation impulse. That’s a good point.

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If you have done the script already, can you share it please?
You could save others a lot of time. Many thanks.


TY working great.

My Novation Impulse 61 works with Cubase 12. Novation stoped Automap support. Therefore you need to update the firmware of the Impulse.
Check out Novation Help Centre - Website. There you can find instructions for firmware update and setup for Cubase.
It’s well made and easy.

Here is a little experiment I made for my Impulse 61.
My thoughts: Lets do this together as long as no one else does. I have enough trouble finding out how this sh… works on the keyboard alone. In the past I did find my way on some multi fx units for guitar and also in Cubase. But a midi keyboard is something new; too many knobs and setting. Anyway…
Novation_Impulse 61.midiremote (5.6 KB)

In fact; I’ve been working on the script and I can say; it’s getting better. Trying to work out the Impulse settings; be shure that ‘zones’ are ON! Otherwise the keys on your Impulse keyboard are changing the settings. Then, after seeing a view tutorials on ‘how to’ I’m getting the hang of it. So here is nr 2:
Novation_Impulse 61.midiremote (8.5 KB)


Is there a midiremote code for the Impulse 49? I haven’t been able to setup a correct midi mapping?

Hi thanks for sharing I edited my own Impulse/ Cubase parameters and transport works, knobs and pads works. The zones are ON but some keyboard keys made changes like mute or changing next track etc… any suggestions to fix this?

Sorry zones were off, i fixed it, everything works fine with Cubase 12 and Impulse as Mackie HUI ,NO AUTOMAP, thanks

Is there a way I can use your script for the Impulse with Cubase 12? I think I can use it with my Impulse 49.

Thank you very much, Vince!

Hi! Just bought an impulse 49 and are using Cubase 12. Anyway I could get the current script you’ve made? :smile:

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