Novation Impulse 61 + Cubase 8

Hi guys,

I have an impulse 61 with assignable pads and cubase elements 8. But I don’t understand how to bind pads to some samples or a plugin sounds (like Nexus or drums, or something) but still have the piano sound on the keyboard.

Do you know guys if it’s possible ?

Like this :

Thanks a lot in advance ! :slight_smile:

up please =)


I use an Impulse 49, so it should work for you too. Have the samples you want to trigger loaded into a sample player such as Groove Agent. By default your pads will start at C3 (left bottom) and up, so you should have them loaded on the matching pads of GA. That should trigger the samples when hitting the pads on your impulse.

hope this helps.

Yeah ! i found it, thanks